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The last time we heard about the goings on at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers it was as part of Fisker's 85 million VC funding announcement. Kleiner Perkins is saying it has more money to put into the electric-drive vehicle field, though, as Greentech Media notes, the next pile of cash is intended for a company with cars at "the other end of the spectrum" from Fisker and would be low-price, high-volume automaker. Who might that be? Greentech speculates that the options include Reva, Bright Automotive, Miles EV and BYD (click on each company name for more info).

Business Insider dismisses all the companie except for Miles, but adds, "we'd be surprised if they were the lucky recipients." Still, Miles is unveiling a new highway-speed electric car next week and has promised to name a "new strategic partner" at that time, so that bit of timing could work out well. All that a Kleiner rep will say is that, "It's a car company." Now, doesn't that just invite guesses?

[Source: Greentech Media, Business Insider]

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