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File this one under slightly sketchy (AFS Trinity style). A Florida Toyota dealer is taking a Prius on what he calls an "epic" 1,100-mile trip to Washington, D.C. and he wants to do it on only one tank of gas. Since the tank of the Prius is 11.9 gallons, that'd be quite a mileage feat. 92.4 mpg to be exact.

The dealer, Earl Stewart, knows a thing or two about getting the most mileage out of a Prius, and is organizing the drive to demonstrate "that hybrid electric cars are well suited to drivers who daily commute less than 40 miles, freeing them from the worry of ever-escalating gas prices." Well, fine, then, but this stunt isn't the right way to do it. First off, the Prius has been modified with a Hymotion Lithium battery and a plug. That's fine and cool. Second, during the trip, the driver "will drive the modified Prius 30-40 miles, and then stop and plug in for a few hours to recharge the battery before continuing the epic journey." This is exactly the kind of sketchy math that AFS Trinity uses for their 150 mpge number. Using this method, if Stewart wanted to, he could probabaly find a way to send the Prius to Cape Horn and back without breaking the fuel door seal. A better demonstration would be to have a customer drive the car for a month and then tell the media, "hey, this guy just drove to work and back for a month and never bought gas." That's amazing and realistic. Maybe even epic.

In any case, the car is called the Prius-Plus Electric Green Machine and leaves from North Palm Beach on June 1. For the record, the larger Ford Fusion hybrid can go 1,445 miles on a tank of gas if a few hypermiling tricks are used.

[Source: Earl Stewart via SunSentinal]

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