According to a recent survey from the Royal Automobile Club Foundation in the UK, there will be lots of people who want to buy electric vehicles but are going to get frustrated by the long delay in getting EVs ready for mass consumption. That's a problem, but the Institute of Mechanical Engineers seems to think the solution is obvious: invest in multiple green technologies, including hybrid, fuel cell, hydrogen and fully electric cars in addition to the continued advancement of gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines. According to Richard Folkson, Chairman of IME's Automotive Division:
We are telling the government to set the targets but to leave the engineers to figure out how it can be done - and electric cars alone will not be the answer.
Even among those who believe that we need to reduce the carbon emissions from our automobiles, picking the best technology to do so hasn't been quite so easy to agree upon. Have an opinion on the subject? Click past the break to take part in our poll.

[Source: Channel 4]

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