Mitsubishi i-MiEV sport - Click image above for a high-res gallery

It's a hard target to hit, but if full-speed electric cars were available today for 1.5 million yen (about $15,600), most average Japanese car buyers would be willing to shell out the money to get one. A new Reuters survey of 882 people found that somewhere between 1.5 million and 2 million yen ($20,800) was considered a fair price by 40 percent of respondents. Another 15 percent said their upper limit was 1.5 million yen. An even higher price, between 2 and 2.5 million yen ($26,000), was acceptable for another 19 percent of the respondents. Ten percent said no way, no how at any price. The survey was conducted earlier this month. More details on the survey - what other options were asked and who was asked, were not immediately available. Looks like Mitsubishi and Nisssan and other interested companies have their work cut out for them.

[Source: Asia One Motoring]

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