Martini girl in Monaco – Click above for high-res image gallery

You'd have a hard time concentrating too if this woman were staring right at you. That's what reportedly happened during last weekend's Monaco Grand Prix. Drivers complained during qualifying that a billboard advertisement located just after Lowes hairpin and before the tunnel was distracting them. The advert was for Martini, the "Italian winemaker founded in 1863 and famous for its iconic vermouth" (according to Luxist), and featured the enchanting gaze of model Jessiqa Pace.

Race winner Jenson Button reportedly remarked, "Every time you passed her, it was as though she was looking right at you." Button was able to keep his cool, but others maybe not so much. Last year's champ, Lewis Hamilton, crashed during Saturday's qualifying round in close proximity to the billboard. Eyes on the road, Lewis.

Pace was actually in Monaco for the race, and when she heard about the situation told reporters, "Obviously it's very flattering that I'm distracting the drivers so much, but I'd feel terrible if someone got hurt."

Click the gallery below to see some more views of Ms. Pace in Monaco.

[Source: Luxist, F1Fanatics]

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