Golden Ferrari one-off by Pininfarina – Click above for an image gallery

Toby Dammit, a character in the Fellini film Histoires Extraordinaires, roared about Rome in a gold Ferrari back in 1968. Marketed in the United States under the name 'Spirits of the Dead,' one of the most memorable things about the movie was that gilded Ferrari. While vintage horror films are pure camp now, classic Ferraris tend to age far more gracefully.

Taking a cue from avowed Ferrari fan James Glickenhaus, it's rumored that Wal-Mart's CEO Rob Walton has commissioned his own bespoke-bodied Ferrari. Aping the classic shape of the 330 LMB that participated in gruesome filmic follies, the old-school-styled Ferrari is reportedly based on a 599 and styled by Pininfarina. It isn't clear if the images above are of a styling mockup or the final vehicle (those headlamps don't exactly look functional and we can't see the interior – let alone the mechanicals), but in any case, one can't help but wonder if Walton secured the same type of price concessions for the coachbuilt automobile as the retailer is known for beating its suppliers up for.

[Source: (via WorldCarFans)]

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