We talked about the uncommon but still serious cases of fires caused by biodiesel enthusiasts making the biofuel in their back yard just the other day. Even at industrial facilities, though, making fuel isn't exactly safe, and a fire at the Minnesota Soybean Processors Plant in Brewster, Minnesota forced local residents to evacuate their homes Saturday night. No serious injuries were reported, but the Deputy State Fire Marshall Investigator on the scene told local news station KSFY that the loss for the plant is substantial."In this case, just by crunching mental numbers that we've been given we're looking at this being a million dollar a day loss," he said.
There are two upsides to the fire. 1.) the fire rescue teams apparenlty performed amazingly well and fast, and deserve their shout out. 2.) The National Biodiesel Board has emphasized their biodiesel safety recomendations, noting once again that, "With a flash point of 200 degrees, biodiesel is the safest fuel to handle, store and use." Safe, but not fail safe.

[Source: KSFY Action News via Domestic Fuel, NBB]

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