For a time in the 70s and 80s, Formula One wasn't dominated by automaker-backed factory teams. They were there, but independent teams were plentiful and often competitive. For many years most of those teams were powered by Cosworth engines, particularly the DFV and its derivatives. With the new rules that took effect this year, the Brawn GP team has proven that those days of privateer teams may be back and several new teams may be on the grid for 2010.

One of those teams is USF1 and with it the return of Cosworth. While no teams have used Cosworth power for the last several years, the formerly Ford-backed and then-owned company has kept a team of engineers involved in developing engines. With the potential of several factory teams withdrawing from F1 next year, the FIA has asked Cosworth to have a low-cost engine program ready to go. USF1 team principle Peter Windsor confirmed at the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend that his team has filed an entry for the 2010 season and paid a deposit for a Cosworth engine lease deal. Auto Motor und Sport is also reporting that three other potential new teams for 2010 have also paid deposits for Cosworth power.

[Source: F1-Live]

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