General Motors is enduring the worst predicament in its 100-year history, and the Detroit-based automaker isn't alone in its struggle. Toyota is also losing billions of dollars, though the Japanese automaker is far healthier than the General... for the time being. Given the less-than-ideal position of both automakers, a recent report from Japanese newspaper Yomiuri stated Toyota was thinking about offering its hybrid tech to GM made some sense. Toyota could use the cash, and GM might be able to use fast access to additional proven hybrid technology without spending more money on R&D. If GM adapted Toyota's hybrid tech, the system would also become the de-facto standard of the automotive world.

Toyota has denied the report, though, but the Aishi, Japan-based automaker insists that it is always open to sharing its hybrid tech with other automakers where it makes sense. We're guessing the key to sharing its hybrid tech includes other automakers approaching Toyota for help instead of the process working the other way around.

[Source: Detroit News]

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