UPDATE: Mercedes wrote us to say that the report of E wagon and cabrio delays is inaccurate, and "the cars are on schedule as planned."

There's a financial swine flu making its way through the car industry. Chrysler caught it and it proved terminal. Porsche was on intensive care for a moment but should recover. And now Mercedes, it turns out, has a runny nose and a little cough. The home of the three-pointed-star is delaying the introduction of the E-Class convertible and wagon in order to save money on development and marketing.

The E-Class convertible was due to be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year, but a report states we won't see the car unveiled until the Geneva Motor Show in 2010. In addition to the cash savings, it will also let Mercedes reveal the car much closer to convertible buying season. The E-Class wagon, described as a shooting brake and more design-driven wagon, won't bow until 2012.

The moves will allow Mercedes to stash money from E-Class sedan and coupe sales. It also lets Mercedes focus 2010 on the new CLS, its plans for the V6 Bluetec hybrid and, according to Auto Motor und Sport, a four-cylinder diesel replacement for the S-Class.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport ( translated)]

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