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If you think the silence of an electric car on the road is a big surprise (and it is), how paradigm-shifting is an electric jetski? A pretty big deal, if you ask us. The benefits of going electric on the water are many, and EcoWatercraft - the makers of the new ECO Jetski - answers the "Why Electric?" questions this way:

In 1998 it was reported that a seven hour ride on a 2 stroke Jet Ski kicks out more pollution than an old model car driving 100,000 miles. Jet skis are one of the top pollutants to water in the United States. It was estimated in 2001 that air pollution from Jet skis imposes at least 240 million dollars a year in healthcare costs to Americans. The ECO will produce absolutely zero emissions. No more gasoline expelled into the water or toxic fumes making swimmers nauseous.

EcoWatercraft claims that their water ride is the first electric jetski ever, but that's not exactly true. Icontech made an inflatable (and slow) battery-powered jetski a few years back. The ECO seems to be the real deal, though, as it can go 50 mph and has enough juice to last three hours (complete details are hazy). The team behind the vehicle is committed to combining battery power with speedy vehicles (see also the Electric Motorsport GPR-S), and company founder Barrett Taylor told AutoblogGreen that the ECO is "a real 3 person jetski with the most technologically advanced electric propulsion system in the world."

[Source: EcoWatercraft]

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