Franco-Italian Relations: Ferrari F355 - Citroen 2CV hybrid [w/VIDEO]

Team Nimik Citroen 2CV/Ferrari F355 hybrid one-off - Click above for high-res image gallery

This is surely one of the most original/bizarre/impressive/controversial hybrids we've seen in quite some time. In fact, it's likely to be so controversial as to single-handedly effect Franco-Italian relations. After all, how does one explain away the melding of one of Italy's favorite sons (F355) and a variant of France's iconic people's car, the 2CV fourgonnette?

In any case, while we're not sure as to the condition of the Fezza before it received its Tin Snail conversion, we're just going to hope that it was a write-off and enjoy the metalwork madness that has resulted. Far from a cut-n-shut operation, this conversion looks to have taken some serious craftsmanship and man hours, as aside from the basics (four wheels, an engine, headlamps, etc.), there isnt exactly a whole lot of commonality between the two vehicles.

Admittedly, our Italian is on the rusty side, but from what we can gather from the various websites linked below, this is also likely the costliest 2CV ever built, having apparently tallied 180,000 Euros to build (in excess of $250,000 USD). Why a Citroen? Our Italian is a bit shaky, but judging by the car's website, it appears to be some sort of amusement/promotional tool for the Nimik Rally Team, which runs (what else?) Citroen racers.

High-res gallery below, video of the build (complete with a howling Janis Joplin soundtrack) available after the jump. Thanks for the tip, Daniel!

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