When we drove the Chevy Volt test car about a month ago, we found everything progressing as planned and didn't see anything that looks like it will push back the planned November 2010 Job 1 date. Our friend Chelsea Sexton, one of the most prominent plug-in vehicle supporters around, recently got a chance to step into the driver's seat, curious to see if the Volt "would be nickel-and-dimed to a shadow of its potential." What did she find? That the car creates lots and lots of smiles. She wrote about the experience over on her new blog:
It is more refined than many production cars I've driven, a fact that ironically breeds impatience- it's hard not to drive it and think, "oh, this is fine, let's just get on with production already". It's also the quietest full-performance plug-in I've seen so far- they must've beaten every bit of motor whine out of that car, because it sounds more docile than it is.
Not everything is perfect. The Volt (while not yet the finished version) doesn't have the pep that the EV1 had, she says, and she wasn't able to drive long enough to drain the battery and get the range-extender to kick in. GM reps kept telling her, and everyone else who's driven the car, that this part of the drivetrain just isn't ready yet (apparently, the fact that you can hear it is a problem). The next milestone in the Volt's journey to production is the "real" Volts that will begin to be made very soon. She's already planning that drive.

[Source: Chelsea Sexton]

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