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Memorial Day is said to mark the beginning of the summer driving season and over the next few months, many Americans will be taking to the highways to visit far-flung family and friends or, perhaps, to just get away it all. In advance of the long weekend, you may have noticed the traditional rise in the price of gas and thought, "Maybe I should try to accomplish my road trip without actually driving my car." That approach is similar to the un-road trip Boaz Frankel is currently undertaking. The Guinness World Record holder (most high-fives in an hour) decided some time ago to travel all about America by many means necessary, except by car.

While not every mode of transportation used in the journey is green (helicopter anyone?), there are a surprising number of vehicles we've discussed here on AutoblogGreen starting with an electric cooler. He also rides the Electrobike Pi, a couple Tesla Roadsters, kayaks, horse-drawn cart and lots of trains. Hit the jump for video of Matt Lauer introducing the "Un-Road Trip" concept as well as a vid of Boaz himself, explaining what he is attempting to do. Perhaps watching the episodes he has posted on Vimeo will give you some of your own hare-brained ideas for a summer trip.

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The Un-Road Trip: The Premise from Boaz Frankel on Vimeo.

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