Take a close look at the car in these photos. What at first glance appears to be a '70s race car done up for SEMA is actually S. Kartuzoff's Lada 2105 Gladkov Edition. The car has been dubbed "Adrenalin," and as the description says, "It is the Russian car!" with motive power coming from a Nissan Skyline engine that has been boosted by a pair of Garrett turbos. The before-and-after pics show how much work went into creating this oddly classic and simultaneously modern vehicle.

Most of our crew aren't digging the scissor doors, but the intercooler-as-grille idea, well, that's just inspired. And the twin-turbo powertrain? Boffo. Makes us think of all of those glorious IMSA TU cars from the '70s. Cars like the Alfa GTV, Fiat 124, BMW 2002, Datsun 510, and Mazda RX-2 and -3. Check out the small gallery of pics grabbed from the source below, but we urge you to click through for more images of the incredible and unique build. Hat tip to TheFireball.

[Source: CarDomain]

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