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It's been a little while since we last heard from Suzuki regarding its planned hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle, but apparently the Japanese company has been hard at work getting the machine ready for production. According to Ivar Kvadsheim over at, teams from both Suzuki and Intelligent Energy were present at the EVS24 event in Stavanger, Norway, with their fuel cell-powered machines.

Over the last few years, Intelligent Energy has reportedly managed to increase the output of its fuel cell from 1 kW to 1.8 kW, and both its ENV bike and Suzuki Crosscage will use this same power source. That's great, but the real issue holding up production is the bike's hydrogen storage tank. It seems the two companies were planning to use a tank from BMW, but later found out that unit was only approved for automotive use and couldn't be legally used in a motorcycle.

Dennis Hayter from Intelligent Energy expects the storage tank issue to be worked out within the next four months and for both bikes to hit the market in less than a year with a price of around 8,000 euros ($11,200 at current exchange rates). Range with a full tank of hydrogen will be around 160 miles. After the successful introduction of these two machines, the two companies plan to begin working on a hydrogen-powered version of the Suzuki Burgman scooter.

UPDATE: Our Norwegian needs a bit of help. We got the following email from Ivar:

You've done a good job translating my norwegian story :)

There are a couple of detalis that needs correcting, though. Intelligent Energy was at the EVS24 showing their fuel cells, but none of the bikes and no Suzuki-team.
The ENV and Crosscage use the same fuell cell and motor, so they're both waiting for the same hydrogen tank.
The fuel cell on the picture of Payter is the one they're using for the ENV/Crosscage. In addition to increasing the output the cell is also lighter than the "first edition".


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