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Potholes suck. Every spring, northern towns see the snow melt, only to find destroyed streets in wake of Old Man Winter, and southern towns with heavy trucking routes aren't exactly exempt from the phenomena, either. Chuckholes destroy tires and warp those expensive aluminum wheels, and the worst of them can throw your alignment out of whack. That's when the patching crews come in to save the day. You've seen them: A gang of guys and gals in hard hats and orange vests, each wielding a shovel and some hot, smelly black stuff. Usually, only one or two are working at any given time, but the cost to taxpayers is astonishing; $70 per hole filled, says My Fox DC. And they're everywhere.

In our nation's capitol, potholes are as bad there as anywhere else in America, but they've got a secret weapon, and it's called 'The Pothole Killer.' The PK is a truck with a tank of black goo connected to a long hose on a mechanical arm. The driver of the truck has a joystick that is used to evenly spray the pothole filler, smoothing over potholes in a matter of seconds. The machine can fill some 300 holes a day, and it costs only $3 per crevice on average. We assume that it would get boring to use the Pothole Killer after about 10 minutes, but we'd like to try it just the same. Hit the jump to see video this urban warrior in action.

[Source: My Fox DC]

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