Ever wished that living the green life had the same sort of cachet on TV that conspicuous consumption seems to have? Comedian, writer and actor Marcus Brigstocke didn't let preconceived notions of what's not hip get in the way of a video he made of his London home's new and amazing energy savers. Imagine Ed Begley, Jr. producing that Cribs show. We get to see Brigstocke's dope ride (a bike with a bell), his energy saving light switches and his compost pile. Mmmmm, reduce, reuse, recycle. Check out the video, produced by the Energy Saving Trust non-profit, after the jump.
Treehugger says that Brigstoke's feelings on climate change go like this: "Climate change can be a difficult subject for comedy, but like anything else it can be made funny and in the face of too much earnestness it's important that it is. [...] We need to talk about climate change but not for too long."

Somewhere, Ali G. says, "Respect."

[Source: Treehugger]

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