Karvajal Designs ZX-1 gives details on its Chevrolet Corvette widebody

Karvajal Designs ZX-1 - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Karvajal Designs has been displaying its Chevrolet Corvette-altering wares for some time, and it's finally giving up the details on its line of C6 exterior and engine modifications. The ZX-1 Stage One package includes a completely redesigned body kit that widens the 'Vette's haunches to 80-inches (with all the requisite ducting and panels), along with front and rear LEDs, custom exhaust, rear diffuser and 18-inch HRE aluminum wheels.

In addition to the other ZX-1 bling (aluminum sill plates, floor mats, flat-bottom steering wheel, alcantra swathed race seats, etc.), a performance package is available that includes Baer brakes, a Pfaft coil-over suspension, anti-roll bars, full under-body aero package and – most importantly – a Magnuson supercharger tuned to produce over 600 horsepower. If that isn't enough, all of the exterior bits can be had in carbon fiber and coated in a hue of your choosing. For all the details, head over to Karvajal's website or the eBay listing for the very first of ZX-1.

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