Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22 is an assault on bureaucratic circular logic, and when talk turns to Chrysler's bankruptcy, you can almost picture the book's character, Yossarian, shaking his head about the latest developments surrounding warranty claims. Current Chrysler owners might find themselves owning vehicular orphans whether or not the company manages to stick around in some form. Chrysler's bankruptcy deal, where there's an upside and a downside to the Schwartz, could see the new, "Good" Chrysler floating above any responsibility for any Chrysler vehicle sold before the bankruptcy.

Consumers groups, realizing that buyers will have no recourse, have filed an objection that's spurred a quickly organized hearing of the House Judiciary Committee. According to a report by ABC<, the new Chrysler has agreed to cover normal warranty claims, but when some new issue that would normally prompt a recall campaign pops up – or some other kind of defect rears its ugly head – the company would want nothing to do with it. Bad thingamajigy covered, horrible manufacturing or design defect that causes you injury, not covered. No right to sue, either.

It's not like Chrysler vehicles have stellar resale values now, but if this is how things shake out, the machinations to avoid standing behind its product are likely to further devalue anything wearing a Pentastar.

[Source: ABC]

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