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Here's a challenge that it would be nice for all of us to try.

Hydrogen vehicle advocate Greg Blencoe is still smarting from the DOE funding cut for hydrogen vehicle research dollars. He wants President Obama to know these 25 things about H2 cars, and has now thought of a way for Energy Secretary Steven Chu to learn more about the realities of driving these types of cars as well. His idea was to challenge Chu to:
drive the Toyota FCHV-adv hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and the Nissan Cube battery-only vehicle each for one month and see if he still wants to eliminate the DOE hydrogen vehicle research program.
Blencoe thinks that the longer range of the FCHV (500 miles) compared to the Cube (100 miles) makes the hydrogen car the clear winner. Also, Chu conveniently works not too far away from a hydrogen fueling center. Toyota believes it could bring hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to dealerships in 2015; one reason Chu cited for the funding cut was how long it would take for hydrogen vehicles to come to market. Watch Blencoe's video after the jump.

Now, leaving aside questions of vehicle cost and style and lack of infrastructure, wouldn't you like to take this challenge? Which do you think you'd like more: refueling with hydrogen or plugging in? cruising on batteries or emitting water vapor out the tailpipe?

[Source: Hydrogen Car Revolution]

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