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While Dave Letterman struggles to correctly describe the Chevrolet Volt, rival late-night host Jay Leno takes a bit more care to get things right in his test drive of the Aptera 2e. To get the facts straight, Leno interviews Paul Wilbur, Aptera's president and CEO. Wilbur explains how the car's solar panels keep the interior cool, talks about the vehicle's aerodynamics, and describes a little bit of the technology inside the 2e's sleek body. One cool thing we learn is, thanks to the incredibly low drag on the 2e, taking your foot of the accelerator results in a very smooth bit of coasting. The last few minutes of the nine-minute video is of Jay Leno cruising down the California highway at 70 mph, with everybody and their brother snapping pictures as they drive by. Check out the video after the jump. Thanks to Mike B. and Brian for the tips!

[Source: Jay Leno's Garage]

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