Google has already faced plenty of issues with its Street View technology, not the least of which has been angry Japanese citizens and invasion of privacy lawsuits from Americans whose driveways were mistaken for a roads. Beyond these unforeseen issues, there's also the rather obvious problem of taking images of places a Chevy Cobalt just can't reach. Consider that problem (at least partially) solved with the new Google Trike.

The three-wheeled, human-powered overgrown tricycles carry 250 pounds of ballast in the form of "a mounted Street View camera and a specially decorated box containing image collecting gadgetry," says the internet giant. All that extra heft reportedly requires a "specially trained super fit" rider.

Google's new trikes will be deployed first in Genoa, Italy, this spring. Assuming that launch proves successful, Google will send its pedal-powered cameras to the United Kingdom, where they'll point their lenses towards a slew of famous British landmarks. Have a good one in mind? Google says its open to suggestions and will be working with VisitBritain to pick the most desirable locations to shoot.

To assuage those averse to getting their pictures taken, Google promises to "apply our face-blurring and license plate blurring to all these images to protect people's privacy."

[Source: Google via Wired]

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