The ongoing debate among Formula one teams over whether to run kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) continues as those teams head to the streets of Monaco this weekend. While as many as eight cars have used the new hybrid systems at races earlier this year, only four are expected to use it this week. Only the cars of Ferrari and McLaren have committed to running KERS in Monaco.

The KERS system adds weight to the car but Ferrari says its F60 was designed and weight balanced around the system so removing it would yield little benefit. The tight Monaco course makes passing extremely difficult and qualifying well critical. It's possible that running KERS will allow Ferrari to get some advantage when not running in traffic for qualifying.

Because the current rules limit how much KERS boost can be used per lap, the extra acceleration doesn't help much at a track like Monaco. Other teams are more skeptical about the KERS benefits at Monaco and have opted not to install the system.

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Raikkonen: "KERS also at Monaco"

Maranello, 19th May 2009 - It's always a very special week, the one of the Monaco GP. It's a unique track where the qualifying is more important than on the other tracks and we have to try to implement it in the best possible way, learning from the lesson we were taught recently.

I've never been very lucky during the two Monaco weekends as a Ferrarista, but I really hope that I can end this streak of bad luck. The F60 improved a lot at Barcelona and now a place on the podium is no longer a mirage. It will be very important to see how things go during the free practice session to see if we made up some ground also on this track, like it happened in Spain. Last year we were able to place both cars in the first row and it would be a dream to repeat that. We'll use the KERS also at Monaco: it might not have the same advantage as on other tracks, but anyway there's a performance improvement.

I'm expecting faster lap times than in the past. In theory this year's rules slowed the cars down in the fast corners, but due to the slicks we're faster in the slow ones. To be ahead in this race you have to be absolutely perfect. We drivers know that you can't loose your concentration not even for a second: the blink of an eye is enough and you end up in the wall. You need a 100% driver and a 100% car for the whole 78 laps if you want to win: that's the only way to be successful.

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