For the past few months, we've been running a weekly series on AutoblogGreen called Greenlings. Now that the archive has been built up a bit, it's time to formally introduce the series to you, explain what it's about and invite you to help us out.

The idea behind Greenlings is to step aside from the daily news rush and investigate an alternative-fueled car/envirnomental issue that maybe isn't totally obvious for someone who isn't as into the green scene as we are. For example, we recently asked "Can I run a car on natural gas?" and "What is a mild hybrid?" We've had lots of positive comments on the posts in this series, and now we're ready to step all this up a notch. You can help us in two ways.

First, we'd like to ask you if you have any topics you'd like us to cover. If there's a Greenlings question you'd like us to investigate - maybe it's something that your non-AutoblogGreen reading friends have asked you, maybe it's something you've been wondering yourself - please let us know (include the word Greenlings in the subject, please). We'll also be monitoring the comments on this post to see if any good ideas get submitted here.

Second, we can use help to get the word out. If there's someone in your life who you think is ready to learn a bit more about biofuels or hybrid tech or NEVs, we'd like you to invite them in. Tell your friends they'll always be able to see the list of Greenlings articles, with a new post every Thursday, at this URL. If they've got questions, we can get them answers.

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