The coolest coffee tables made from reclaimed automotive sheetmetal you'll see today

Nine Stories Furniture auto sheet metal tables - Click above for an image gallery

This whole cash-for-clunkers global movement is sure to result in a lot more dead iron in salvage yards, but that may not be such a horrible thing if that trend gives birth to more neat stuff like this. The folks over at Nine Stories Furniture Co. have taken to building furnishings built from reclaimed metalwork, including the Elsie tables seen here built from at least 70% reclaimed automotive sheet metal (apparently roof panels are the easiest to make use of).

According to its website, Nine Stories developed the concept back in 1994 when they came up with the idea for a liquor cabinet based on the same materials, but they've only recently returned to the technique for this series. Starting at over $1,800, the small art-quality tables from this Brooklyn Navy Yard collective are hardly cheap, but if nothing else, they may give shadetree mechanics some inspiration.

[Source: Nine Stories Furniture]

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