When legislators in the United Kingdom decided to introduce its Cash for Clunkers program, it was widely suggested that older, fuel-guzzling vehicles would be removed from the road in favor of the latest crop of clean, green, fuel efficient cars and trucks. As is often the case, reality isn't so cut-and-dry.

According to Auto Trader UK, two of the first new vehicles purchased under the UK's new scrapping scheme were Nissan GT-Rs. Much has been written about Godzilla's ability to navigate the famed Nurburgring in Germany, but those stories never described the giant-killing GT-R as eco-friendly. What gives?

It seems that the rulebook in Merry ole' England doesn't include provisions limiting the scrapping program to vehicles with low carbon emissions. Most other countries with scrapping programs – including the proposed plan in the U.S., in case you were wondering – require the new vehicle to be significantly more fuel efficient than the car that's being scrapped.

In related news, at least one enthusiast's plans to trade in a slightly used '99 Oldsmobile Alero for a shiny new Nissan GT-R have summarily been placed on the back burner. Tip o' the cap to Keith and Demstel!

[Source: Auto Trader UK]

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