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We've talked to and about Dr. Andy Frank many times here on AutoblogGreen, but we haven't yet made a music video tribute to the man behind the plug-in hybrid. Thankfully, Paul Steinbroner, of EnergyRush TV, has rectified our oversight by making a musical tribute to Dr. Frank, aka the father of the modern plug in hybrid, aka Professor Plugin. The video gives a visual history lesson of Dr. Frank's work with PHEVs and is part of the Neil Young "Johnny Magic" video contest. One newsworthy tidbit that Steinbroner mentioned in his email to AutoblogGreen is that a feature length documentary is now being produced about Dr. Frank. Hopefully, we'll see the top hat scene in in movie. Watch the music video after the jump.

Dr. Frank is working with AMPLE Motors, a company with more hype than we like (see here and here for details).

[Source: Vimeo]

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