Top Gear crashes wedding in Edinburgh: Click above to watch the videos after the jump

We're reasonably sure that most people would rather their wedding remain limited to invited guests only, but at least some of us would probably make the exception if one (or more) of our favorite celebrities crashed our nuptuals.

In this case, Jeremy Clarkson and James May evidently interrupted the wedding of Mark and Angela McCole at the Church of the Sacred Heart in late April after the filming of a Top Gear race between Edinburgh and London. The television triumvirate's third leg, Richard Hammond, apparently couldn't make the scene, as his 1957 Vincent motorcycle gave up the ghost while Clarkson and May made it to the finish line aboard a steam engine and a 1940s Jaguar, respectively.

Predictably, perhaps, Jezza wasn't even dressed for the occasion. He arrived on the scene in an engineer's blue boiler suit, his face covered in soot. Presumably, May was in better form.

In either case, the Edinburgh Evening News has the gory details, and we've found YouTube clips of both the wedding post-crash and the shakycam footage of a Waverly train station bystander as Clarkson arrives. Both are posted after the jump.

[Source: Edinburgh Evening News]

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