There has been no shortage of recent complaints over Max Mosley's leadership of the FIA. Last year, it looked like he'd be forced out of his position at the head of the motorsport governing body, while this year he's been at the source of controversy over new regulations that could yet see the majority of the teams in Formula One walk out. But few are as appalled by Mosley's leadership as Jody Scheckter.
The 59-year-old 1979 F1 World Champion, who remained Ferrari's last champion until the Schumacher era, has admitted that the FIA's leadership, which he characterized as a dictatorship gone wrong, has caused him to consider handing back his title. The only Jewish world champion in Formula One history, Scheckter's opposition to Mosley – the son of a British fascist leader with strong ties to the Nazi party and a character recently embroiled in an alleged Nazi-themed S&M orgy – are perhaps more deeply rooted than most.

[Source: F1-Live | Image: Bryn Lennon/Getty]

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