It took two years to build it in reality, ten seconds of montage to put it together on screen, and about ten minutes to steal it. In a rare automotive example of life imitating art imitating life, the Nissan Skyline that Paul Walker drove in the latest Fast & Furious movie was stolen from its storage facility in Los Angeles.

Although dressed up to look like a full-on R34 GT-R for the movie, the car underneath was actually a lower-spec GT-S. Reports indicate that thieves, evidently knowing the car was inside, broke through a metal door and ripped off that specific car, leaving the rest but sideswiping a Studebaker and a Porsche Boxster on the way out. And to make matters worse, the car, valued at around $75,000, wasn't even insured. Considering the movie grossed $72.5 million in opening-weekend box office sales alone, we doubt the seventy-five grand will be terribly missed.

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