Porsche 911 GT3 RS running wild – Click above for high-res images

Typically when we're photographing cars for a review, we pick a location where we'll be largely be left undisturbed. Last week was a bit different since I was in Southern California on business rather than my usual Michigan home. While shooting a press car at a spot overlooking the Pacific, I heard a loud growl approaching up the canyon road. I turned around just in time to catch a couple of shots of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS being exercised as its creators intended rather than just cruising in the hands of some South Beach or Hollywood poseur.

While California has its share of issues with fires, land slides, earthquakes, drought and on and on, there are some upsides to the region. The area northwest of Los Angeles is filled with mountains and canyons sprinkled with some of the most amazing driving roads on this planet. I've been fortunate enough to drive some great cars in this region over the past several years but nothing quite like GT3 RS. There wasn't a radar gun handy, but this particular Porsche was traveling at a rate slightly higher than the posted speed limit.

A very fortunate driver and passenger indeed.

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