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First Czech hydrogen station to open in the fall

cutaway of liquid hydrogen storage tank

The first hydrogen filling station in the Czech Republic will open this fall in Prague. The liquid hydrogen station will be installed by Linde Gas. Linde is a partner with BMW on its hydrogen programs with the Hydrogen7, which can run on liquid rather than compressed gas hydrogen. The Prague station will evidently be used to fuel a hydrogen bus that is being built by Skoda for a test program to evaluate alternative fuel transport. The Institute of Nuclear Research in Prague is also part of the program, so presumably nuclear power will be used to produce the hydrogen.

The station will be able to fill the four roof-mounted tanks on the bus in 10 minutes, giving it a range of about 186 miles. The €1 million station will apparently be the first of its kind in any of the newest EU member states. Thanks to Ales for the tip!


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