First Drive: 2010 Lincoln MKT EcoBoost and MKS EcoBoost
For the last year and a half, Ford has repeatedly touted EcoBoost as its high volume, mainstream technology for reducing fuel consumption while delivering the performance we crave. Now, we finally get behind the wheel to see if two turbocharged Lincolns are up to the task.
Cadillac CTS stunt team dazzles in China, Heinricy sets F1 track record w/VIDEO
Although things are understandably more than bit somber in GM's U.S. operations, over in China, the mood is a bit more upbeat. The evidence? Check out this CTS stunt-driving exhibition held last weekend on Shanghai's Formula One circuit.

GM confirms it will pink-slip 1,100 dealers
GM will send some 1,100 notices to its U.S. dealers detailing the manufacturer's plans to sever their relationship. With over 120,000 vehicles and roughly $2.5 billion in unsold inventory, this is the first step in cutting 42% of the General's retailers.
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