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The city of Shenzhen, China, where automaker BYD is located, has decided to give its citizens a boost to purchase the locally-made cars. In addition to the nation-wide grants, which can be worth up to 50,000 yuan ($7,320) when buying a hybrid vehicle (60,000 yuan if the vehicle is all-electric), Shenzen is offering discounts up to 60 percent of the car's value. For a 149,800 yuan BYD F3 Dual Mode hybrids (when it becomes available to everybody next June), citizens will be able to get discounts of nearly 90,000 yuan.

A second city in China, Chongqing, is also offering incentives: 36,000 yuan in subsidies and an exemption in bridge tolls of 7,000 yuan when buying a locally-made Junjie (or Jiexun) hybrid MPV, which costs 140,000 yuan.

[Source: Gasgoo]

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