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Now that Zero Motorcycles has shown America its new Zero S electric street bike, company founder Neil Saiki has taken his baby across the pond on a European tour. England was the first stop and London provided a great back drop for Neil to explain to the BBC and other press outlets the merits of his supermoto as an urban commuter. The team is now in Paris where we expect "les Français" will be equally as impressed.

Although the S should start shipping in America around the end of May, Europeans will have to wait a couple more weeks before they can get their mitts on one. With only 600 of the street bikes available for both markets and over 120 already sold, they might not want to wait too long before putting in their orders. It's not all about the street machine though, the off-road Zero X is also available with a wait of only a couple of days between order and delivery. Hit the jump for a clip of Neil showing the Zero S to the BBC.

[Source: Zero Motorcycles / BBC]

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