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The MotoCzysz saga is one that's taken enough unexpected twists and turns to send most people back to their day jobs. Apparently, that doesn't apply to Michael Czysz. In a new entry on the MotoCzysz blog, Czysz recounts how little interest there is all around the world in making a better internal combustion engine, one of the things his team had previously been focusing on. Instead, Czysz says, "all of the interest, money and deals are happening in alternative fuels and electric." He goes on to write about the company's new electric motorcycle project:
"MotoCzysz is not just pursuing an electric motorcycle (that sounds like such a slow downer) but a bigger concept using electric drives - the "Digital Superbike". The Digital Superbike, like your computer, has "open architecture" and can be upgraded and reconfigured. This is definitely an industry first and may be a major paradigm shift in the way people buy and own motorcycles. The sound of progress is building in volume...keep your ears open."
This coincides with earlier reports indicating that MotoCzysz would focus on a new electric motorcycle platform that would accept multiple modular powertrain configurations. Interested in seeing and hearing the electric machine strapped to a dyno? Click here.

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