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Group says Chrysler resale value slips 6% in week following bankruptcy filing

Tipping after Chrysler LLC filed for bankruptcy, the automaker's Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep branded vehicles are facing rapidly dwindling resale values according to a research group. In a report by the Automotive Leasing Guide, secondary values are down an average of 6% across the board for most three-year-old Chrysler vehicles.

As an example, before the bankruptcy filing, a three-year old Jeep was worth 38.4% of its original sales price. After the announcement, Jeep values dropped to 32.4%. Dodge values went from 37.3% to 31.2% post filing, while Chrysler values, the lowest of the three initially (and nothing to really brag about anyway), dropped from 34.8% to a dismal 28.8%. In case you were wondering, three-year old Toyotas sell for about 45.5% of their original price.

[Source: UPI]

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