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Loving all that is automotive is slightly different than living all that is automotive. One of the distinguishing factors is how automotively-influenced your furniture is. If you bought your sofa because it reminds you of your M3's upholstery, you're in the love group. If, however, you can actually drive your furniture, you, my friend, are living it.

But our eBay Find of the Day defies simple categorization. It's a fully-functional couch that resembles something Boyd Coddington might have sketched while doing shots after having his eyes dilated. The outrageous sunset orange pearl paint covers a hand-formed, all-metal body with working headlights and leather seating surfaces. But it doesn't even have wheels, much less do burnouts on the street. With a starting bid of $45,000, shouldn't it at least do that?

The auction description says that the, um, unique sofa can be taken apart to "fit in most rooms." We can tell you right now that our spouses will quickly disqualify "most rooms" in our houses. We aren't even allowed to have the six-speed plunger in our throne rooms. The seller's name, cartisticdesigns, is from London, Ontario, also the home of Cartistic Designs autobody repair. Maybe the auction should say it would "fit in most autobody repair shops. Auction ends May 16, but so far, it looks like nobody's spouse has given the $45k approval.

Thanks for the tip, Rico!

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