BMW X6 xDrive50i Ambulance – Click above for a high-res image gallery

You know you've always wanted to drive a four-hundred-horsepower BMW through city streets like a bat out of hell, and now the Bavarian automaker has the legal remedy. All you'll need to do is get certified as an ambulance driver and convince your local emergency response unit to invest in this X6 ambulance, which BMW is showcasing at the upcoming RETTmobil rescue vehicle show in Fulda, Germany. The ultimate driving machine question is, which will be more difficult? Considering on one hand that the certification process is takes longer than the ending of a Peter Jackson film, and on the other that ambulances tend to require a lot of space and that the X6 is among the least utile crossover vehicles on the market, we'd say it's about a draw.

Following the X6 M safety car which BMW rolled out for MotoGP, in actuality this specially-equipped X6 xDrive50i, (complete with 407hp twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 and more lighting than Kevin Costner's corn field) is being presented as a first-responder vehicle, carrying a doctor or paramedic to the scene of an emergency before an ambulance can get there. Few details are available, but then again, there are few cities with the kind of budget to acquire one of these bad boys. Check it out in the gallery below.

[Source: BMW]

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