At the Geneva Motor Show in March, Bentley unveiled its first-ever flex-fuel car, the Continental Supersports. Not only is this car the first production Bentley that will be capable of running on either gasoline of E85 ethanol, it also happens to be the most powerful production Bentley ever, putting out a staggering 621 horsepower.
Running on ethanol is the first stage of Bentley's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, at least when measured on a well-to-wheel basis. Before Bentley puts its new flex fuel, reduced-mass coupe on sale around the end of this year, though, it has some testing left to do. To that end, the engineers are hitting the Nurburgring this week to see how it does in what's quickly becoming the new standard test for high performance vehicles, and these spy shots show a matte black Supersports getting ready for this baptism of fire.

[Source: Motor Trend]
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