Following the in the successful footsteps of France's €1,500, Germany's €2,500 and Britain's £2,000 vehicle scrapping programs, Spain's Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has announced a €2,000 scrappage plan to stimulate that country's auto industry and remove old cars from Spanish roads. Under the plan, the Spanish government will throw in €500 if the country's many regions match that figure and automakers add €1,000 more. This means that a base Dacia Logan could be procured for less than €5,000. Nevertheless, the government seems to have heard the arguments from the Automakers' Association, which stated that the current VIVE plan (0-percent loans) and all the loans given to the industry (Seat, Nissan and now Renault) were insufficient to spur new car demand.

[Source: El País]

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