At this past weekend's Spanish Grand Prix, the Brawn cars didn't just beat McLaren – they lapped them. With both teams running the same Mercedes engines, and reigning champion Lewis Hamilton piloting the lapped McLaren, it was clear that Brawn is simply running a better car. Anyone watching the race had to be wondering what the corporate big-wigs at Mercedes were thinking as the Brawn cars crossed the finish line a full lap ahead of the McLaren. But we can stop wondering now.

According to the latest reports, Mercedes is considering throwing more weight behind the championship-leading Brawn team. Or at least jumping on the bandwagon. The customer engine deal between the German automaker and the former Honda team doesn't include any branding on the BGP 001 chassis' livery – which remains conspicuously light on sponsorship altogether – but that could change as Mercedes is keen to cash in on the success of the team to which it's selling engines. Benz motorsport chief Norbert Haug was quick to emphasize that any rapprochement to Brawn GP doesn't reflect on its relationship with McLaren, but with that partnership constantly in jeopardy, you can't help but wonder now if Mercedes would be saying the same if McLaren was leading and Brawn was marking the back.

[Source: F1-Live | Image: Paul Crock/AFP/Getty]

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