First Drive: 2009 BMW Z4 Roadster grows up at the expense of its groove
The all-new BMW Z4 has to be many things to many people. It has to be embraced by both enthusiasts and grand tourers, while delivering the refinement of a coupe and the open-top thrills of a convertible. How does the Z4 masquerade as four different models? We find out in our First Drive.
Chrysler affidavits reveal crippling problems that hurt chances for success post-bankruptcy
History could reveal that Chrysler declaring bankruptcy was the easy part. Affidavits taken from Chrysler engineers and executives show things will get really tough when it's time for the automaker to start making cars again.

Bizarre Medical Wagon: BMW presents X6 ambulance at rescue vehicle show
We've all wanted to drive a 400-hp BMW through city streets like a bat out of hell, and the Bavarian automaker has the legal remedy. All you'll need to do is get certified as an ambulance driver and convince your local emergency response unit to invest in this.
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