Ariens Amp Rider electric mower - Click above to watch the video after the break

The most polluting vehicle many people drive is the rig they use to cut their grass. Not only is it noxious and noisy, you also have to burn gas to go get the gas that you're going to burn to do a chore many of us wish they didn't have to do in the first place. Ariens feels your pain and has just introduced an electric riding mower called the Amp Rider that rids you of much of the noise and vibration and all of the gas burning and fetching associated with keeping the green green grass of home nicely shorn.

Powered by no-maintenance AGM batteries, the ride-on mower can run for 75 minutes on a charge and uses 3 separate brushless DC motors to move you along and spin the twin blades. It does away with any shifting by means of a hydrostatic transmission, which allows you to use one pedal for both forward and reverse. With a $3299 price tag, it's surely not the mowing solution for everyone. Regardless, anybody can go check one out at your local Home Depot thanks to a distribution deal with the giant retailer.

Of course, if you'd rather not burn the gas to drive down there right now, you could just hit the jump for a short bonus video of an Ariens product development person giving a quick run down on their green green grass-mowing machine.

[Source: Ariens via Plug In America]

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