The annals of U.S. automobile history may be littered with the occasional hatchback success story, but for every Volkswagen Golf or Toyota Prius, there are dozens of failed three- and five-door hatches that, for whatever reason, fizzled out shortly after hitting the American market. In fact, this particular Top 10 list could easily have been fleshed out into a Top 20 if we had the patience, but cars like the Toyota FX, Plymouth Laser, and Nissan NX failed to meet our tough standards for relative obscurity, and thus they will have to be reserved for future lists.

That said, follow along with us as we take a guided tour of some of the most obscure hatchbacks from the last three decades. Don't sweat it if you don't recall a few of the forgotten machines on our list – most of us – with at least one glaring exception *cough, Paukert, cough* – had to delve deep into our rapidly fading memory banks just to remember the names of these unloved glassbacks.

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