Ultra Motor A2B electric bicycle - Click above to enlarge

Last week, it was revealed that Best Buy had plans to sell a range of electric-powered personal transportation products in addition to the Brammo Enertia, though were were still a bit unclear as to what that statement actually meant. As pointed out by a few of our readers living in California, the Big Box Retailer is already selling the Segway in a few of its stores, but what else?

Apparently, the answers were available for those who knew where to look. According to Bicycle Retailer, Best Buy will be adding electric 2-wheelers from Currie Technologies and Ultra Motor's A2B product line. According to Larry Pizzi, president of Currie Technologies:
"There could be a larger rollout as we approach this holiday season. We're encouraging Best Buy to have diversity [of brands]. We hope that many others participate."
Included among these electric bikes and scooters will be six different Currie iZip models ranging from $299 to $2,000. Thanks for the tip, John!

[Source: Bicycle Retailer]

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