The next time you have a close encounter with a reckless driver, you can avoid the single finger salute and take out your frustrations online. Zapatag is a site that allows registered users (username, password, and e-mail address are all that's required) to submit the license plate information of offensive motorists for recognition or public humiliation. That's right, you can now report drunk drivers, cars that run red lights, and hybrid vehicles in the fast lane! The site has no legal connection with any jurisdiction, so your efforts will only serve to lower your blood pressure and make you feel better (and possibly avoid a bullet or two).

License plate information, incident location, and details are all stored within the site's database. A search engine is able to locate previous offenders based on full or partial plate numbers, or location. If you are a stalker, Zapatag will allow you to follow specified plate numbers as they collect comments -- or follow your own if you're a bit paranoid. One heads-up: The site doesn't appear to use any language filters (or grammar checks for that matter), so exercise caution when visiting the site at work.

[Source: Download Squad]

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