A keen observer happened to note the presence of a Tesla Roadster outside a Mexican restaurant somewhere the other day and as he was snapping some pics, the owner walked up. The owner offered to take this civilian for a ride around the block in the Roadster, which said passenger video-taped on his cell phone camera. In panning around the camera caught the Founders Series badge on the bulkhead between the seats, meaning that the car owner is an investor in Tesla.
We all know about Tesla's financial problems and difficulty raising money since the market collapse last fall. According to the car owner, an announcement is expected to be made today or tomorrow about a new strategic investor in Tesla. No other information is available right now on whether this is a private investor, other automaker or the DOE loans, but we'll be looking into it further. In the meantime check out the video after the jump.

[Source: Tesla Motors Club, Youtube]

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