Electric Car Corporation Ev'ie - Click above to watch a video after the break

When the Electric Car Corporation announced that they would be selling the Ev'ie, an electric conversion of the delightful Citroën C1, with nary a hint or a whisper beforehand, many seemed to be caught unawares. Indeed, some of our commenters even suspected the electric drivetrain of the car being presented was being hoaxed. Perhaps those suspicions will be eased somewhat with the release onto the interwebs of a lengthy video to introduce prospective buyers to the environmentally-friendly four-seater.

The expertly-produced footage features lots of nice shots of the car with a presenter who touts the features of Miss Ev'ie with particular emphasis on safety and low running costs. Of course, the proof of the EV pudding is in the driving and so we're taken aboard while our guide explains the regenerative braking and takes us on a "dual carriageway" (the British equivalent of a split four lane highway) where we hang out in the fast lane at the 60 mph top speed for a bit.

It's worth noting that when the vehicle eases up to a charge point to demonstrate the ease with which it can be plugged in, there are three G-Wiz's to be seen in the immediate vicinity. We don't know if that was planned but it did remind us that if the newcomers are successful, Reva may have to reconsider the price point of their lithium-powered offering as it is currently only about £1,000 ($1510) less than the larger, faster, safer Ev'ie.

[Source: YouTube]


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